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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Wow, it sure has been a LONG time since posting on here.  A lot has happened since my last post...I graduated nursing school, have taken quite a few fun trips, and I've still been cooking and baking, as usual.  However, I've still been pretty busy, since I'm now studying hard in preparation of taking my boards, the NCLEX-RN exam.  I recently received my approval from the Board of Registered Nursing to sit for the exam, so now it's a matter of time before I can finally have the initials "RN" after my name, and say that I'm a Registered Nurse!

My husband and I, before heading over to my pinning ceremony!

Now that I'm nearing the end of my journey to become an RN, I'm hoping I'll be able to get back into blogging on a more regular basis.  After all, I've been enjoying so many good dishes that I am dying to share!  One thing I'm planning on doing in preparation of more blogging is switching this blog over from it's current Blogspot host to Wordpress.  One main reason is because I use my iPad for almost everything, but unfortunately, the Blogspot app is incredibly frustrating and makes it difficult to do the things I want to do on here.  Also, I also take a lot of my food photos with my iPhone or iPad now, and it's so much less of a hassle to import directly to the blog, instead of having to transfer to the computer first and then import from there.  I'm hoping to make the transfer in the next few weeks, but since I own the domain "beachsidebaker.com," the website should stay the same and shouldn't cause any problems for any readers.  Hopefully, after this transition, I should be able to update this website and share recipes much more frequently!

Until then, you can always follow me on Instagram:  @thebeachsidebaker
I'm constantly posting photos of all my foodie moments.  Here's just a peek of some things you might see on there:

The amazing waffle sandwich from Bruxie!
Citrus-marinated chicken thighs

Plum and cherry bruschetta

Honey bourbon ice cream with peaches and browned butter crumble

Butter-basted salmon with hazelnut relish

Slow-roasted salmon with cherry tomatoes (can you tell we really like salmon?)

Hope to be blogging again soon!  :)